• EEMAC 3R enclosure

  • Specifically designed as a flexible power pedestal body

  • Ideal for use where collision from vehicles or snow removal etc. occurs. Flexible body bends when hit and returns to vertical position

  • Ideal for corrosive atmospheres such as marinas, potash, roadways, parking lots, etc.

  • Available in 12" stubby or 27" high designs

  • Base is sized 7 3/8" wide x 7 3/8" deep & designed to fit up to existing pedestals with 6" x 6" bolt square to allow for quick fit up

  • Polymer elastomeric flexible material for maximum durability and corrosion protection

  • Fully listed to CSA standards


  • Prewired with a #5-15R or #5-20R duplex receptacle and weatherproof cover

  • Various receptacle types

  • Power 'ON' indicator light within duplex

  • 1/2" Galvanized anchor bolts, nuts, and washers when requested

  • #1FP-DPP-X templates - sized 8" x 8"

  • Loose model #DR45-RV-1 Handy Hood complete with weatherproof cover (see CEC Rule #26-702)

  • Loose while-in-use receptacle cover


  • For breaker style see Dandy Super Flex Post "1I-FP" series pedestals

  • Mini breakers are not permitted under CEC rule #14-114 and
    #14-302. Refer to "1I-FP" series for breaker type assembly

Read more in the New Product Bulletin and Product PDF or see it in action - Watch Video

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