• EEMAC 3R enclosure

  • Heavy duty handy permanent or portable power centre type power pedestal

  • Typically used for small construction sites or where portable power is required such as displays, emergency shelters, tent camps, kitchens etc.

  • Rugged metal construction sized 12" H x 7" W x 6" D

  • Safety yellow powder coat finish

  • Four duplex outlets each with individual 15A 10kAIC moulded case circuit breaker circuit protector, can be easily reset from under side of roof without removing covers

  • Receptacles are 15A 120V 5mA duplex type complete with patented Dandy model #DR45-1 Handy Hood

  • Large steel base makes unit stable on flat or rough surfaces - bolt down capability

  • Safetly soft machine formed corners on roof and base for added safety complete with top lifting handle for ease of relocation

  • Designed to stow and wrap supply cable around when storing

  • Interior cable grip makes for tight permanent cord clamp reducing likelihood of cable pull-out

  • Assembly suitable for 1 phase 120/240V or 3 phase 120/208V supply sources

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