• EEMAC 3R enclosure for indoor and outdoor use

  • Designed as a wall mount, manual operated transfer switch suitable to safely select between two sources of power (ex. utility or generator) and fitted with quick generator connection cable camlock receptacles located behind padlockable outer door to allow for quick, safe generator hook and switch operation on inner dead front cover

  • Fully vandal resistant waterproof padlockable outer cover

  • Hinged lockable lower door covers and secures cord entry when not in use

  • Colour coded single pole 400A #E1016 pin receptacles are male for hot, female for neutral and ground further making generator connection safe and quick (optional posilock mechanism)

  • Heavy duty, metal welded enclosure c/w driphood, mounting dimples or ears, hinged padlockable outer door, inner dead front transfer switch enclosure and cover, aluminum camlock receptacle plate and ASA 61 grey powder coat finish

  • Heavy duty 600V load make/load break HP rated switch assembly

  • Mechanical line, load and utility lugs


  • EEMAC 4 or 4X enclosure

  • Single phase styles

  • 4 pole units for switching neutral conductor

  • Circuit breaker or fused disconnect

  • Pad mount assembly complete with rear cable access hatch

  • Auxiliary 10A contacts complete with utility restored LED indicator light (only operable when in genset position)

  • APR type or posilock receptacles

  • Safe contactor protector model #PHM


  • Assemblies over 400A have parallel camlocks for phase and neutral and single for ground (ex. 800A = two males/phase, two females/neutral and one female/ground)

  • When posilock receptacle assembly is requested Crouse Hinds model #E0400 is supplied. Advantage is each cord must be separately installed assisting in a safe electrical connection.

  • A safe contactor protector option (#PHM) is available. Assures all receptacles are plugged in before generator can supply the load through camlock auxiliary contactor and protector

  • Always check with local authorities for approval prior to ordering

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