• EEMAC 3R enclosure for indoor and outdoor use

  • Designed as a fully manual operated transfer switch suitable to safely select between two sources of power (ex. utility or generator) enclosed in a vandal resistant assembly so switch cannot be operated without opening padlockable exterior security door to obtain access to transfer switch operation handle. Ideal for locations such as exteriors of buildings where public may have access or ice storms are encountered

  • Heavy duty metal enclosure complete with driphood, mounting dimples and hinged, padlockable clasp closer on door

  • ASA 61 grey powder coat finish

  • Load make/load break HP rated 600V switch has manual selector handle on inner dead front door that mechanically interlocks so inner door cannot be opened with switch in on position

  • Line, load, generator and ground lugs included


  • EEMAC 4or 4X enclosure

  • Pad mount assembly

  • Solid neutral bar and lugs

  • 4 Pole units for switching neutral conductor

  • Multiple load lugs when several loads are connected

  • Auxiliary 10A contacts complete with utility restored LED indicator light (only operable when in genset position)

  • APR type receptacles for generator connector

  • E1016 Camlocks 400A

  • Inside generator cable connection terminals with cable hatch


  • For posilock receptacles refer to "DTS-2" series

  • Always check with local authorities for approval prior to ordering

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