• EEMAC 3R enclosure

  • Designed for standard mid-sized installations where a fall in outside temperature activates a parking lot load feeder contactor(s) or panel board to adjustable on/off (rest) sequence. Suggested 30 minute on, 30 minute off or 50/50 flip flop

  • HOA selector for 100% on thermostat bypass

  • Galvanized body - ASA 61 grey hinged door complete with locking clasps

  • Heavy duty contactors - 120V coil complete with HOA selector

  • Panel mounted sensing thermostat (adj. -30°F to 100°F) complete with stainless steel capillary cover

  • Siemens 'P1' bolt in circuit breaker panel

  • Fully factory programmed and prewired


  • Loose field locatable thermostat

  • Pad mounted open bottom enclosure

  • Time of day clock

  • Flip flop 50% load share - add suffix 'DX'

  • 100% Load shed terminals

  • 1 Phase models 120/240V

  • Alternative control logic type 3, 4, 5 or 6


  • CRT-2A, 2C and 2AA have optional 50/50 dual load share contactor arrangement - add suffix 'DX' and specify at time of order if single supply circuit or multiple supply circuits are needed on 'DX' series

  • Assembly type CRT-2AA and 2C complete with multiple load contactors allows for branch circuit control of multiple circuits for different sources ex. some circuits controlled and some not controlled ex. PEC

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