• EEMAC 3R enclosure
  • Specifically designed for maximum energy savings and vehicle parking lots using a quad thermistor method of control - type 5 quad temperature control logic
  • As temperature falls to first set point (suggested 0°C/32°F) controller operates on 3 minutes on, 9 minutes off
  • As temperature falls to second set point (suggested -12°C/10°F) controller operates on 6 minutes on, 6 minutes off
  • As temperature falls to third set point (suggested -21°C/-6°F) controller operates on 9 minutes on, 3 minutes off
  • As temperature falls to fourth set point (suggested -28°C/-10°F) controller operates 100% on cycle
  • Total cycle time is always 12 minutes
  • Temperature set points are fully and easily field adjustable
  • Galvanized body - ASA 61 grey powder coat door
  • Hinged door complete with locking clasps
  • HOA standard (hand = 100% on). Switch is inside controller to prevent unauthorized selection
  • 100% load shed is a standard feature
  • Supplied with panel mounting thermistors and covers
  • Fully factory programmed and prewired
  • CSA certified assembly


  • Various powder coat colours
  • Pad mounted stand alone enclosure
  • Time of day clock
  • Supplied with loose thermistor for remote sensing
  • Panel board supplied with controller (see 2A series)
  • Step down transformer in same assembly
  • Multiple load contactor option to allow for branch circuit control from more than one source
  • Where two main load contactors are selected consult factory for sizing
  • 50/50 demand load share - add suffix 'DX'

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