• EEMAC 3R enclosure
  • Designed for large parking lots when a single temperature point cycles three individual banks of panel boards each in a 20 minute/60 minute cycle repeat pattern enabling a 66% load shed - type 2E tri logic
  • When temperature falls to preset level suggested -7°F (-21°C) panel #1 operates for 20 minutes, then panel #2 for 20 minutes, then panel #3 for 20 minutes, then the cycle repeats as above - temperature set points are adjustable
  • Cycle times can be set at any time from 1 minute to 1 hour per panel and each can be individually set (ex. P1 - 20 minutes, P2 - 30 minutes, P3 - 10 minutes)
  • ASA 61 grey powder coat finish
  • Thermostat capillary has stainless steel protection covers
  • Panels are Siemens 'P1' bolt in style
  • Safety soft, machine formed corners on driphood
  • Double overlapping doors complete with 3 point padlockable handle and 4" snow kick
  • Factory prewired & assembled
  • CSA approved assembly


  • Line side step down transformer
  • Single phase models 120/240V  


  • Specify main lug sizes and quantity and size of branch circuit breakers at time of order 

 Read more in the New Product Bulletin and Product PDF

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