• EEMAC 3R enclosure for indoor & outdoor use
  • Designed for control of a variety of lighting and other non-motor loads including tungsten filament lighting, electric discharge lighting, electric furnaces and hot water heaters
  • 4, 8 and 12 pole models are standard
  • ASA 61 grey powder coat finish on door, galvanized body complete with hinged door and locking clasp
  • Terminal size to T2-CEC for copper and aluminum
  • 120V AC coil - 60 Hz complete with PEC terminal
  • CSA certified assembly


  • Top mounted photocell or flush side mounted
  • Pole mounted ears (see D-LITE-D)
  • HOAor on/off selector switch
  • Control transformers if 120V control isn't available
  • LED pilot light for 'on'  or for 'off'
  • Time clock for early off
  • EEMAC 4and 4Xenclosures
  • Various contactor assemblies and sizes
  • Custom control logic
  • Alarm interface for 100% on cycle


  • Assembly is maximum operation voltage 600V on power pole

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