• EEMAC 3R enclosure

  • Specifically designed for BC as a compact feeder center for street light control. Service entrance rated main circuit breaker is factory connected to heavy duty lighting rated contactor with HOA switch and separate control circuit breaker. Ideal for roadways, parks and lighting applications

  • Designed to fit into BC Hydro highway approved stand alone steel pyramid base as #DS-08D

  • Assembly is fully weatherproof type 3R complete with full exterior style padlockable cover and two separate inner covers (one for service breaker and one for control) each separately fixed and deadfront style over inner component. MCB is utility sealable and has circuit breaker lock-off provision fixed directly to bolt-on style heavy duty Siemens circuit breaker, not cover for enhanced safety and to service entrance certification

  • Fully galvanized back box complete with four mounting ears and ASA 61 grey powder coat covers

  • Designed for quick and easy, reliable installation

  • Prewired and CSA certified lighting rated service entrance controller

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