• EEMAC 3R enclosure
  • Specifically designed as a power distribution unit without CDP, service entrance rated, pad mount, weatherproof power main service point complete with separate hydro pull section with Model #DH4-TER-X hydro terminal pads, CT space & load side terminal section (specifically designed for BC Hydro)
  • Parks Green assembly sized as noted complete with oversized driphood and two overlapping padlockable doors complete with 3 point padlockable stainless steel handle and 4" snow kick
  • Acceptable for bottom entry - base trim is turned inward 3" all around
  • Four section board - each section is complete with padlockable separate inner door
  • Main fused section is service entrance rated complete with neutral/bonding
  • CT section has rear CT/PT mounting pan
  • Hydro pull section complete with hydro terminal cable support blocks


  • Specify line & load lug sizes at time of order
  • Consult local utility for approval & style for CT space prior to ordering
  • On 800A & over consult factory for exact sizes

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