• EEMAC 3R enclosure

  • Specifically designed as a service entrance rated, pad mount, weatherproof power distribution center complete with CT/PT section and load side terminals

  • Ideal for supply of various feeders to multiple locations (as per CEC 14-100) or to adapt to large feeder conductors required for voltage drop reduction, as in long distances or for farms, ranches, RV sites etc. where metering can be done by one single line side meter (Max.400A-120/240V) or various load side meters on individual residences (ex. condos)

  • Terminals are fitted for multiple individual lugs consisting of 16 quantity #6-250 Cu/Al lugs

  • Main fused section is service entrance rated complete with lockable doors and neutral/bonding facility

  • CT section has CT/PT pan and hinged padlockable door

  • ASA 61 grey powder coat finish

  • Safety soft, machine formed corners on doors and hood

  • 4" Snow kick


  • FF-3A has 16" deep & 38" wide terminal section = 72" overall width

  • Others are 14" deep & 24" wide terminal section = 58" overall width

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