Load Miser Energy Divider Controller


Model #D-LM

  • EEMAC 3R enclosure
  • Specifically designed as a load saving device, to be used where non-essential load is connected to an essential load circuit.
  • Load saver cuts off power to the non-essential circuit only. Reducing load saves service upgrades.
  • Adjustable 5 to 50 Amp of the circuit upstream rating.
  • Easy to install for new and existing installations, simply connect in series of the existing load.
  • Optional time of day clock prevents non-essential load from operation on/off hour, increasing energy savings and allowing non-essential load to operate on/off time energy availability.
  • Sensing has adjustable 5 to 50 second time delay action to prevent rapid load cycling. Sensing is on only L1. To avoid nuisance tripping if loads are unbalanced add second phase current sensor option.
  • CSA certified assembly


  • Ground fault load breaker class ‘A’ 5mA 􀀀
  • Large capacity control to 600A, 600V
  • Dual line sensing - recommended when unbalanced loads could be encountered
  • Time clock for interval operation of load contactor eg. time of day

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