Deluxe Breaker Type Vehicle Pedestal

Model #1B-DPP

  • Specifically designed as a heavy duty pedestal complete with moulded case circuit breakers for superior appearance. Durable, long lasting, corrosion resistant galvanized metal construction prevents rusting and assures long lasting, quality finish (no visible mounting bolts or flange base to rust)
  • Base is constructed with galvanized steel and is mounted with galvanized screws for breakaway capabilities and lifted +/- .” to minimize corrosion
  • Available in 24” tall and 12” stubby heights. Body is 7" x 6" complete with removable front access cover
  • Safety soft, machine formed hood with smooth edges for ultimate safety and soft european appearance is cross-brake style for improved drainage
  • ASA 61 Grey powder paint finish
  • Leviton #5320 duplex receptacle complete with Leviton #4976G thermoplastic self-closing cover or equivalent
  • Supplied with 10kAIC moulded case circuit breakers for under hood for easy resetting without opening front cover
  • 3/8" mounting fasteners not included


  • Feedthrough Terminal Lugging
  • Model #DR45-1 HANDY HOOD™ complete with weatherproof cover


  • When supplied with circuit breakers, assembly is factory pre-wired

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