Dandy Farm / Power Service - Saskatchewan Specific

Model #PDC-FF-SK

  • EEMAC 3R enclosure
  • Specifically designed for Saskatchewan as a large capacity, single phase, service entrance rated, heavy duty power centre complete with combination utility termination/CT main entry cell, service entrance rated main breaker, & rear load side termination cell (to Meet CEC Rule #14-100 G). Load side CDP Is optional
  • Unit can be fitted onto Armtec #6-0092-1 precast concrete base for easy, economical installation with easy expansion provision
  • ASA 61 grey powder paint finish
  • CSA certified assembly


  • Load side CDP
  • Fitted with load side CDP terminals
  • Manual transfer switch
  • MCB ahead of CT - see model #PDC-FF-SK-4, 5, 6
  • 100% Rated main circuit breaker (increases capacity by 20% - consult factory) (add suffix '-H') 
  • 3 Phase 208V style (add suffix '-3PH')


  • Standard load terminals are (2) #6-350 & (16) #6-250
  • When optional CDP Is selected consult factory on availability of circuit breakers. Standard is 30" S5
  • Adaptor lugs on CDP load breakers are available & will be located on the left side of CDP
  • Utility meter socket is field supplied & installed
  • For 45" S5 Siemens enclosure is sized 84" high
  • Line & load lugs are 90°C rated
  • Circuit breaker lugs are 75°C rated