Dandy Farm / Power Service


Model #PDC-FF

  • EEMAC 3R Enclosure
  • Specifically designed as a service entrance rated, pad mount, weatherproof power distribution centre complete with CT/PT section and load side terminals
  • Ideal for supply of various feeders to multiple locations (as per CEC #14-100)
  • Load terminals are fitted with multiple interchangeable lugs consisting of 16 quantity #6-250 Cu/Al lugs
  • Compact size complete with oversized drip hood and padlockable doors, complete with 3 point padlockable stainless steel handle and 4" snow kick
  • Acceptable for bottom entry. Mounting flange turned in all around for aesthetics and durability.
  • Main fused section is service entrance rated complete with lockable doors and neutral/bonding facility
  • CT section has rear CT/PT mounting pan and has hinged sealable and padlockable cover
  • ASA 61 grey powder paint finish
  • Safety soft machine formed corners on doors and hood
  • Standard size is 250-1200A, single or three phase, to 600V
  • CSA certified assembly


  • Consult factory for various options available
  • Utility meter socket, line side terminal box and TV/Telephone cell optional

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