CSA Certifed Lighting Controller

Model #D-LITE-B

Model #D-LITE-B


  • Compact prewired deluxe assembly
  • EEMAC 1 enclosure, wall mount style, sprinkler proof
  • 4, 8, or 12 pole styles - 120V control up to 600V load
  • Fully CSA lighting rated 20A contactors (not DP)
  • Heavy duty 3 position HOA selector switch - BMS or time clock permissive in auto
  • Easy field connection terminals for AC 120V line, photoelectric control, alarm and load
  • White powder coat finish


  • Loose photoelectric control cell complete with weatherproof wall plate
  • Additional contactors and various amperages
  • Intermatic model #ST01 Astronomical Time of Day Clock complete with astro feature (sunset ON/sunrise OFF, up to 40 events per week)
  • 600 - 120V control transformer/fused
  • 30A lighting contactor

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