Super Saver Parking Lot Controller

Cartrol Model #CRT-5

  • 50% - 75% energy savings based on proven, reliable technology.
  • One cartrol enables full automatic operation and energy saving for all size parking lots.
  • Ideal for multiple parking stall applications, new or retrofit, by a single controller. Expensive multiple controllers are not required.
  • Factory pre-programmed and field adjustable by single, four switch selector. No special programmer required.
  • Single operator - the colder it is, the longer the cycle time. Ideal for climates with lower evening and higher daytime temperatures. Adjusts itself quickly on temperature fluctuations.
  • Only a single controller is required no matter how many vehicles it is controlling. Allows unit to be designed for any new or retrofit parking lot.
  • Available as a single controller with or without distribution panels and transformers.
  • 50/50 load share and BMS override available.


  • No cost factory design assistance available.

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