Roof Mate - Rooftop Power Pedestal


Model #RT-DPP

  • Specifically designed as a base mounted pedestal of maintenance free design complete with receptacle for specific maintenance of equipment located on rooftop locations (See CEC Rule #26-704d-e)
  • 40” high x 7” wide x 6” deep pedestal body complete with 10” x 10” screw-on galvanized base plate. Tall body allows for various roof insulation thickness
  • Base is designed for easy fastening with various sized bolts (3/4” hole) or self tapping type screws as used by roofers. Allows for various cable passthrough eg. power, control, and service receptacles
  • Unique lower cavity design fits with roofer ring or gum box and accepts insulation and sealant to support roofing seal to membrane
  • Safety soft machine formed corners on hood for ultimate safety and soft European appearance
  • ASA 61 Grey powder coat finish over galvanized steel, tunnel style body for long, durable assembly
  • Devices are vertically fitted to factory weatherproof back box and Model #DR45-RV-1 HANDY HOOD™ to meet CEC Rule #26-702 for Receptacles Exposed to the Weather
  • CSA certified pedestal and assembly


  • Device and weatherproof cover supplied by others
  • Standard optional skirt design is to accommodate up to 9” decking insulation. Taller skirt option is available.

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