Super Post Pedestal


  • Specifically designed as an ultra, super duty vehicle power pedestal with receptacle recessed within structural tubing body

  • Dandy’s patented, reverse fitted model #DR45-1 HANDY HOOD™ uses a flush device design, preventing virtually all conceivable damage

  • Available in 14” stubby or 24” tall designs

  • Base is standard plate metal sized 8” wide x 8” deep to fit up to existing units

  • Stainless steel top cover allows for easy and quick wiring connection

  • Finished with snakeskin urethane black coating for maximum durability and corrosion protection

  • Fully CSA certified


  • 20A #5-20R duplex receptacle

  • Polymer elastomeric FLEX POST™ design (Model #1I-FP-DPP)